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I Will Stand

This week’s Big Strong Yes episode is so fantastic that we released it early, and Lani asked me to include my reflection, which turned into a manifesto of sorts, in text form. The show notes include a PDF, but I wanted to post it here,...

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Trusting, Teaching, and Telling the Truth

Too often, speakers fall into a teaching space for the wrong reasons, and learners are left with faulty information, or painful experiences, or a diminished sense of themselves. This is pedagogy gone wrong, and the results run the gamut from...

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Southern Fried Scholar Episode 4: Knowledge Frameworks

Welcome back to the Southern Fried Scholar! In this episode, we explore the importance of frameworks and discuss five kinds of knowledge, Bloom’s cognitive domain, transformative learning theory, and Buffy. Of course, Buffy. Download this...

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SFS Episode 2: Color Your Creativity

In this episode of the Southern Fried Scholar, we explore the creative process, authenticity, permission slips, and inspiration with my special guest, designer extraordinaire Jody Lumsden. Download this episode here. Subscribe to...

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Guest Post: Word Wranglers Blog

Nan Reinhardt kindly invited me to write a guest post about the Southern Fried Scholar podcast for the Word Wranglers authors blog – check it out here! Thanks,...

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SFS Episode 1: Reading Gives You Super Powers

In this episode, we explore the ethics of podcasting, the power of narration, fairy tales, the love of reading, curiosity, and empathy. Download this episode here. Subscribe to this show via iTunes, RSS, Google Play Store, or...

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Podcast Guest: Jed Bartlet is My President

I had a blast talking to the one and only, amazingly brilliant Lani Diane Rich about The West Wing on her podcast, Jed Bartlet is My President. We discussed Six Meetings Before Lunch, episode 1.18. Check it out...

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SFS Intro Episode: Podcasts Light Up Your Brain

If you’re a fan of lifelong learning, storytelling, and intellectual badassery, please check out my new podcast! In this introductory episode of the Southern Fried Scholar, I invite listeners to celebrate lifelong learning,...

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