My first podcast interview was in November 2016 on the Creative Stickup. This podcast is hosted and produced by Jeff Stevens, a brilliant creative director and artist.

We talked about National Novel Writing Month, lifelong learning, Julia Cameron’s Morning PagesElizabeth Gilbert’s TED TalkMarissa Meyer’s YA series The Lunar Chronicles, and creativity at work.

The Creative Stickup podcast is a casual conversation with creative thinkers about how they practice their craft. Episodes are available on SoundCloud or iTunes.

The Creative Stickup episode 1622: Kelly Jones, NaNoWriMo Ninja

Episode description from Jeff Stevens, host of the Creative Stickup: 

How’s your novel coming? If you are one of the half million or so crazy would be writers out there who are trying to finish your novel in 30 days as part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) you’ve got one day left to finish off your 50,000 word masterpiece! Or in my case, a 50,000 car pile up. But it’s done and I have Kelly Jones to thank for the experience. She got caught up in NaNo some 10 years ago and has participated in it ever since. She also did her thesis on it’s power to bring creatives together to create something with no inherent reward attached to it. I told her we do that sort of thing everyday. Find out how NaNo brings out the writers in all of us.